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We pride ourselves in providing ICT services to predominantly small business and the NGO sector in Eswatini for over 7 years.

We started with IT Support and computer repairs, then as connectivity became more accessible we supported our clients with email, domain and web hosting services.

Another phase came through and the demand for our fast growing retail services including networking, CCTV and POS systems and retail related equipment grew and we brought on more technicians and started training programmes for those wanting to get into the ITC sector.

Solution Based Platforms
While COVID kept us busy with remote work, online education and leisure time, we found time to develop with the help of some very talented developers to build an online learning portal where we can now cater for the online needs, content and accessibility of public schools, private schools, homeschoolers, higher education, corporate training and tutor/course givers with our soon-to-be-launched cloud based learning system.

Its especially designed to be compatible with mobile phones and tablets first while desktops and laptops are fully supported with out new system.

GlimmerTech Twoobii Satellite System
Besides all the services that Glimmertech is recognised for such as Wifi, Networking and Email services, Domain and Webhosting services, ICT, Retail, and Point of Sale services, UPS, CCTV and Backup Support, GlimmerTech has been officially appointed by Twobii South Africa, Q-KON Africa and Intelsat Global to represent these top Global Data Providers, African Engineering and Satellite Internet companies in Eswatini.

This appointment makes the GlimmerTech-Twoobii Satellite System the secure, certified and No#1 satellite connectivity service and support provider for banking institutions and financial point-of-sale services in Eswatini.

GlimmerTech-Twoobii has a range of service options and profiles for data corporate networks and large/remote locations such as shopping centres, schools, regional offices, border posts, remote water and other key services where dependable and reliable connectivity is a priority.

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Whatsapp: +268 7908 8566

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